We find the best opportunities for you and your family to get involved with organizations you care about. We do all of the heavy lifting, vetting nonprofits, taking care of tax receipts, etc., so you get the best experience with the nonprofits you are supporting. Through our tailored giving plans, you can track your impact on the community every step of the way. 


We are here to help you feel the most informed and in control.
We approach our relationship with no preconceived notions or ideas.
This is a collaborative journey. We provide the structure, but you are steering the ship. 

This is YOUR philanthropic legacy, let us help you fulfill it.

What Makes Us Different

We have a
pulse on
community & nonprofit needs

We provide
a fresh
perspective on charitable giving

We have
no agenda
or bias-
This is YOUR

Kate Worland
Kate Worland
Executive Director
James Pulsipher
Board President
Shiara Caubarreaux
Board of Directors
Jami Davis
Board of Directors


    Community Partners are businesses who want to make an impact on the community, but are looking to get some help doing so. That's where we come in! Be Impactful is here to help your business make a difference in unique ways.

    Contact Kate Worland today if you want your business to become a community partner! 


    Be Impactful endeavors to create meaningful and impactful change for the residents of Mesa County. As a charitable vehicle, we are committed to promoting community based, innovative philanthropy through providing grants, scholarships, and creating charitable funds.


    To help the residents of Mesa County use innovative and effective philanthropic involvement to better support the community we serve. To be a reliable resource for those who desire to be involved with charitable giving and help to promote the welfare of the community.


    We are dedicated to being innovative through philanthropy. By using new techniques and methods, we are able to tailor charitable giving to the needs of the communities we serve more effectively and efficiently.
    We are committed to using resources wisely. Our investment strategies focus on choosing the most fruitful opportunities so you can do the most good with your money.
    We value our relationships within the foundation as a true partnership. Through proper stewardship, we honor generosity by showing how all gifts make a difference.
    We know that transparency throughout the experience is crucial to making the most impactful legacy. It is our policy to include our partners in every step of their philanthropic journey.

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