Kate Worland

Executive Director

Kate Worland, Executive Director of Be Impactful, leads the charge in establishing the Western Slope’s newest community foundation. Be Impactful is committed to creating high impact, innovative solutions to social problems here on the Western Slope of Colorado and beyond. Through partnerships with government, business, and nonprofit entities, the Foundation is going to engage the community in conversations and actions that create sustainable change and provide the funding to make those changes a reality.

Her journey into the nonprofit sector stemmed from a passion and love for giving back. Kate has worked in many different areas in the philanthropic industry from grant writing, to stewardship, to frontline fundraising. She began her career as part of the development team at the University of Arizona Foundation. Throughout her time Kate has volunteered for and worked with varying nonprofits, in different roles. Constantly searching for unique methods and techniques to fundraising, she was able to tackle high reaching goals in difficult circumstances and engage new audiences in philanthropy. As Executive Director, Kate is applying a priority on innovation, and high impact giving to her work at Be Impactful.

Her experience on the professional side of nonprofits helped her excel in volunteering and being involved in her community. As a four-year member of the Junior League of Tucson, Kate was able to see firsthand the roles that nonprofits play in our communities. Being new to Colorado, Kate brings an unbiased and fresh perspective to the philanthropic environment that resides here. She prides herself on her enthusiasm for philanthropy as well as her optimistic perspective on what kindness and giving back can do for our world.

A graduate of the University of Arizona, Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law.

“When I started this position in July 2017, Be Impactful was not even established yet. I have been able to mold and build our structure based on the needs of the community. Listening and taking in perspectives from nonprofits, citizens, business leaders, my peers at other foundations and members of the media, has allowed me to dive deep into the philanthropic culture here on the Western Slope. I am always listening, tweaking, and innovating. Let’s innovate together.”


B.A. Philosophy, Politics, Economics, & Law from the University of Arizona

Areas of Expertise

  • Grant Writing
  • Stwardship
  • Innovation
  • Community Volunteerism
  • Fundraising

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