A Grant to help Nonprofits bridge the Digital Divide. 


Unfortunately, technology takes a backseat because of funding shortages for nonprofits even though it is crucial to have updated digital tools to make sharing their mission easier. Our Digital Presence Grant reverses this thinking. We want to help nonprofits bridge the digital divide, by funding projects that will help nonprofits fill gaps, or get a leg up in order to advance their mission. 

We are dedicated to using the power of the media, communications, and technology to serve public interest and strengthen nonprofits in our community. 

Rather than simply providing grant monies or funding unsolicited requests, Be Impactful prefers to enter into strategic partnerships with organizations that have a commitment to pioneering innovative ways of meeting their priorities. 
Our Digital Presence Grant is is all encompassing. Granted twice a year, we take on two nonprofits and help them elevate their digital presence in the community. 


Website Design/Redesign

Social Media Branding

Digital Marketing

Web Content Development

Video Content Creation

Brand Design/Redesign

Promotional Photography or Videography



  • Nonprofit organizations exempt from Federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  • Units of government are eligible. 
  • Eligible organizations must be goverened by a volunteer board of directors.
  • Organizations must conduct business wihtout discrimination on teh basis of race, gender, or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, or religious affliation. 


The Letter of Idea is not a "letter," but a series of questions asked through this application. Please answer the following questions in a separate document and attach it with your grant application. 
  • Will this project help the community better understand the message of your organization?
  • What has been holding you back from accomplishing this project? Or has this project recently come to the forefront for your organization?
  • Have you pushed this project aside in the past due to funding or staff deficits?
  • If you receive this grant, how will this project take your organization to the next level? Or how will this project help your organization in the upcoming future?


We accept one proposal per group per year (January 1-March 31). 
Each year we will select two organizations to work with. 
Please fill out the Grant Application, answer the Letter of Idea questions, and submit your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - with the Subject Line: "Digital Presence Grant - Your Organization's Name" 
Deadlines for the Digital Presence Grant:
January 1, 2019 - Grant Cycle Opens
March 31, 2019 - Grant Cycle Closes
May 2019 - Awards Announced 

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