Through strategic grantmaking, we invest in effective and innovative nonprofits. Each year, grants are made available across a variety of causes. 

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Grants Process

Be Impactful Funds Grants in two primary ways:

Agencies are selected by Be Impactful leadership to partner around a specific regional initiative. This partnership can include funding to support the work of the chosen agencies.
An RFP process through Be Impactful is not your typical process. Each RFP is designed as both a learning experience and a funding opportunity. When we request proposals for a specific grant program, the instructions and processes will be linked on this page. It is important to check this page often.

What we value throughout our grantmaking process and in your proposals:


We are dedicated to being innovative in our philanthropic efforts. We believe bringing fresh ideas and solutions to the table, our community can gather around solving social problems together. Innovative proposals are important whether you are addressing new or existing problems. We invite you to think big as well as differently when you propose your effort to us.


This region is known for how well its organizations collaborate. We encourage nonprofit agencies to partner together to create robust proposals that bridge gaps and increase impact. We are also looking for a diverse group of stakeholders who will partake in, benefit from, and help implement programs.


Just as much as we are committed to this process, we ask that you do the same. Throughout your time in our grantmaking incubator we might request more information from you. When or if we do this, we ask that you be respectful of our time in responding. With that, we promise to be diligent when it comes to asking you questions and we are committed to answer any questions you might have.


When the decision is made that your proposal will be funded, we will notify you promptly and further explain the steps needed depending on the type of fund the donation will be dispersed from. Stewardship requirements vary depending on fund, but Be Impactful will be part of the process the entire way, making sure donor intent is fulfilled.


We promise to be transparent throughout the entire grantmaking process. In order to make the best possible decisions, the Foundation seeks input and feedback about proposals from a variety of leaders and experts. If at any time throughout the process you feel as though your organization needs to withdraw its proposal, or disclose further information, we ask that you do so. Decisions on proposals emerge as a result of a solid process and is not tainted by personal agendas or favoritism. We ensure that this process is robust and provides insight and oversight.


Digital Presence Grant

January 1: Grant Cycle Opens
March 31: Grant Cycle Closes
May 2019: Awards Announced

Capacity Grant

May 1: Grant Cycle Opens
June 30: Grant Cycle Closes
Nov 2019: Awards Announced

Nonprofit Toolkits

Our services do not just stop at grantmaking. Be Impactful is a gateway to all kinds of support efforts. We want nonprofits in our community to have the means to strengthen their infrastructure, develop their leadership, and expand their horizons.

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